Youth in Bømlo

Bremnes idrettslag

Bremnes sports club is the largest sports club in Bømlo.
Here you may exercise in the strength training room, go spinning, do aerobics, strength training, step and dance.
They also have many activities, such as football, handball, athletics and gymnastics.
You need to pay membership fee to participate in the activities.

Red Cross

Førstehjelp og Friluftsliv – RØFF

RØFF is for youth between 13 and 17 years old. Members of RØFF gain vital knowledge about first aid and surviving in nature. It is for those who want an exciting and active recreational activity. There are adult leaders who help, but it is the youth who decide what RØFF should be.


Multimix is an activity group for youth between 16 and 30 years old. It is for those who want to join a community and get to know other young people. Multimix has a varied program, such as bowling and game nights, cultural evenings, cooking and many other fun activities.

Homework assistance at the library

Do you want to be together with others when you are doing homework? In the library, students from upper primary school, high school and adult education can get help with the schoolwork from competent volunteers. This is provided by the Red Cross Homework Assistance.


Language café

Every other week a Language café is held in the library. This is a gathering for everybody who wants to speak Norwegian, meet new people and learn something new. Feel free to contact us if you want to be language host.

Ten Sing

Ten Sing is a Christian youth work with many different activities: choirs, bands, dance, drama, boardwork, video, website and technical work. This is a place where everyone will be included and get the opportunity to participate. Ten Sing is for youth in the age group of 13-19 years old.

EvoLAN (data)

Are you interested in computers and gaming? EvoLan is for youth interested in computers. They make arrangements and social gatherings for youth. EvoLan wants to increase the computer interest in Bømlo.

Bømlo Teater

Bømlo Theatre works to make young people learn and experience music, song, dance and acting. Through larger and smaller plays, members can develop skills in an environment characterized by high artistic quality.

Bømlo Theater has room for many volunteers in various functions, including behind the scenes, from making waffles to costume sewing and carpentry.