Hiking in Bømlo

Tips: It is important to have suitable clothes and shoes when hiking, and packed food in your bag.

Bømlo turlag

Bømlo Hiking Association organizes many different hiking trips during the season. There are local hikes, longer day trips / mountain trips and overnight trips. For day trips, it is usually sufficient to show up at the specified location. Overnight trips always require registration.

Barnas turlag

The Children’s Hiking Association is offered for children and families with children. The Children’s Hiking Association of Bømlo invites you to various outdoor activities throughout the year. They provide opportunities for outdoor activities and positive nature experiences. Here one can meet other families with children, and the children can enjoy meeting other children on the trips. The Children’s Hiking Association organizes hikes in the area, cottage trips and fishing trips.

Bømlo Frivilligsentral

The Bømlo Volunteer Center is a local meeting place, open to anyone who wants to meet others, or who wants to contribute to the volunteer work.

Jenter på tur
Once a week, women of all ages get together at the Red Cross House. Everybody who wishes can join. Dress yourself according to the weather, and bring something to eat and drink.

Do you want to walk with rods? Then you can join our rod group hiking! Women of all ages gather at the Red Cross House and start hiking from there. Dress yourself according to the weather and bring with you something to eat and drink.


View over Raunavatnet. Photo: Ken Helge Stavland

Svortland: Lighted trail to Fet

⌛ Approximately 45 minutes
㎞ Approximately 4 kilometres

There is a gravel path that goes from Svortland School to Raunavatnet. This trip is easy and accessible for everyone, including wheelchair users. There are lights along the entire trail, so you can also walk here when it’s dark.

There are two areas with shelters (gapahuk) by Raunavatnet. This is the perfect place for a break and where children can play.

Nearby is an area with a ‘Tarzan Trail’ where children can climb and balance the ropes and obstacles that are secured in the woods. Both children and grown-ups can exercise at ‘Knutahaugen’. Here you will find a lot of outdoor training equipment.

Mountain hike: Siggjo

⌛ Approximately 2 hours
㎞ Approximately 2.5 kilometres

Siggjo is a popular hiking destination in Bømlo. It is the highest mountain in Bømlo and from the top you will experience a breathtaking view. If the weather is clear you will be able to see all the way to Bergen and Haugesund.

To get to the starting point, please follow the main road. There is a footpath and a bike lane along most of the road from both Svortland and Moster. It is also possible to take the bus. Check skyss.no for updated bus routes.

Bremnes: Grimsfjellet, Vardafjellet and Mælandssåto

⌛ Approximately 2.5 hours
㎞ Approximately 7.5 kilometres

From Svortland School you can go for a nice walk in the wilderness. This trip is perfect for those who like walking in nature. Please use boots or waterproof trainers, as some areas can be wet due to rain.

There are three summits on this trip: Grimsfjellet, Vardafjellet and Mælandssåto. The trail is marked well, but there are alternative routes so please follow the signs.

More trips

Check ut.no to get inspiration for more trips (website in Norwegian).