Music and Culture in Bømlo

Bømlo Kormix

Bømlo Kormix is a bunch of happy singers who meets on Tuesdays and practice at the Bømlo high school. We sing a very varied repertoire led by conductor Maria Malmsten.

Bømlo Teater

Bømlo Theatre works to make young people learn and experience music, song, dance and acting. Through larger and smaller plays, members can develop skills in an environment characterized by high artistic quality.

Bømlo Theater has room for many volunteers in various functions, including behind the scenes, from making waffles to costume sewing and carpentry.


Havdur is a male choir with approximately 30 members. They sing traditional Norwegian songs and some songs in English. Practise take place at Ungdomsheimen in Svortland.

Bømlo Soul Children

Bømlo pre soul children is a children’s choir practicing at Bremnes church. There are two groups, one for 1-3 graders, and the other for 4th grade and up.

Bømlo Kystlag

Bømlo has a wealth of coastal culture and history to offer, as well as a fantastic archipelago. The coastal groups’s purpose is to take care of knowledge, crafts, history and traditions associated with the local coastal culture. The team also has a youth group, who among other things do motor work.

If you want to join and preserve Bømlo’s rich coastal culture, you are welcome as a member!