Words and expressions that may be difficult to understand

A member (medlem) is the person who is part of a group / organization.

A group (eit lag) consists of people who share an interest or activity. This may also be called a team, group or association. For example, a football team or a hiking group.

An organization (organisasjon) is a collection of such groups. For example, a sports club or a hiking organization.

Voluntary work (dugnad) is when the members work for the group for free. This may consist of cleaning and tidying the gathering place of the group, earn money for the group or lead the group’s activities. Football coaches for children and homework assistants are working voluntarily, which means working without payment.

Signing up (påmelding) is when you give notice that you will participate. Many events and gatherings have limited capacity, or they may need to plan food service. One must know how many people are coming. Often there may be a deadline for signing up. In this case you have to sign up before this deadline. Another word that can be used is registration.

Membership dues (medlems-kontingent) – can also be called membership fee. It is a sum that all members have to pay to the group. This money covers the group’s expenses, such as rent, food and materials. The group decides the amount to be paid as a fee. Often it is the board that decides this.

The board (styret) is the leadership of the group. They decide at their meeting (board meeting) what the group will do. For example, the board may decide that there should be a gathering with “Local Artists” as the theme. The leader will then execute this plan. The board is elected at the annual meeting.

The Leader (leiaren) is the person (or people) who ensures that what the Board has decided gets done. They can do it themselves or make others do it. The leader is the one who makes decisions in the group, between each board meeting.

The annual meeting (årsmøtet) is a meeting that all members of the group have the right to attend. Here the people who will make up the board is elected, and one approves the group’s annual reports and accounting/financial statements.

The annual report (årsmelding) is the Board’s summary of what has been done in one year.

Accounting (rekneskap) is an overview of what the group has spent their money on.